Film photography

I put digital photography on hold and embraced the roots of photography with film. Shooting on 35mm with cameras like the Fed5C or Zenit 11, and exploring medium format with a Seagull A4, brings a unique and nostalgic experience.

Film photography has its own charm, offering a different aesthetic and a tangible connection to the photographic process. Working with film cameras involves a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to each shot, from composing the frame to adjusting manual settings.

The Fed5C and Zenit 11 are both classic 35mm film cameras with a rich history. They provide manual controls that allow for experimentation and creative expression. These cameras often have a mechanical and tactile feel that adds to the overall experience of photography.

The Seagull A4, being a medium format camera, introduces a larger film size (120mm). This format can capture more detail and nuance in your images, providing a different perspective compared to 35mm. It’s an exciting tool for those who appreciate the beauty of medium format photography.

Working with film also involves the development process. The anticipation of seeing the results after developing the film can be a rewarding experience.

Enjoy your journey into film photography! It’s a realm that offers a different set of challenges and rewards compared to digital, and it can be a fulfilling way to express your creativity.