Copyright Policy

All the edited photographs displayed on this website and on the archive hosting are displayed under the copyright of Light Drawing and are protected under the Romanian Law nr.8 from 1996 on Copyright and Neighboring Rights.

Any client is entitled (under license) to use them for personal and non-commercial purposes, including producing prints, posters, canvas wraps, books and other printed matter, multi-media slideshows, and other computer or electronic media projects.

The user license specifically excludes the sale of the digital files or items produced from the files for commercial gain, advertising, publicity, or any other commercial use without the written permission from Light Drawing. If permission is required to use any digital files commercially, or for any other use not listed here, or if any doubt exists as to the extent of licensed usage, then please contact Light Drawing.

If you are a third party, such as an event organizer, media, or magazines, and would like to use some of my pictures then please contact Light Drawing. If any of my images are used on a public forum (i.e. website or social networking site) then Light Drawing would be grateful if credit is being given to Light Drawing.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Copyright Policy, You can contact us by visiting this page on our website.